McCarter ready to return to Harrisburg after line-item veto of budget

GLENSIDE, Dec. 29 – State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, today echoed Gov. Tom Wolf’s call for the General Assembly to return to session, in light of the governor’s line-item veto of a $30.3 billion budget plan passed by the Senate last week.

“The Republicans passed a fiscally irresponsible budget that increases the deficit and cuts education funding by $95 million,” McCarter said. “Governor Wolf’s line-item veto rejects the Republican’s education cuts and out-of-balance budget, while still directing emergency funding for key services.”

Wolf today announced he will line-item veto parts of the budget, including cuts to education funding. Wolf also said he is authorizing the release of emergency funding for key services such as schools and human service providers.

“I am grateful that Governor Wolf is allowing key human services to receive much needed funding along with schools and vital non-profits, but the legislature needs to get back to Harrisburg and get back to work to finally fix our deficit and properly fund our schools,” McCarter said.