McCarter: Republicans continue never-ending budget gimmicks

HARRISBURG, Sept. 24 – State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, issued the following statement in response to the Republican attempt to pass a stopgap budget rather than negotiate a real budget with Democratic leadership and Gov. Tom Wolf:

“Republican leadership again has called members of the House back to Harrisburg for another game of political showmanship. Pennsylvanians deserve a quality budget that funds our education system and human services, but instead all we get are half-measures and ploys that will only further exacerbate Pennsylvania’s deficit and provide no relief to our citizens.

“This stopgap budget is meant to alleviate pressure faced by our schools and service providers, but the irrefutable fact of the matter is that this pressure has been caused by four years of bad budgeting.

“Furthermore, the stopgap budget isn’t even a real budget. It’s simply one-third of the budget Governor Wolf vetoed on June 30. The same budget that only continued the massive cuts we saw year after year during the Corbett administration. The budget that was vetoed in June was irresponsible and inadequate. The answer is not simply to try and repass the same budget bit by bit.

“Rather than another ruse that is simply meant to try and trick the public into thinking the Republican leadership is actually trying to pass a budget, it’s time they sit down with Governor Wolf and truly compromise. The governor has put historic reforms on the table to try and negotiate, and leadership on the other side of the aisle continues to push for their way or the highway.

“Pennsylvania voters elected the governor with a mandate to restore the massive cuts to education and human services, and it’s time Republicans realized this and came back to the table to do what Pennsylvanians want done.”