McCarter: Another stunt shows Republicans aren’t ready to negotiate

State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, released the following statement on the Republican attempt to override Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto of H.B. 1192, the General Appropriations bill for the 2015-16 fiscal year:

“Again during this budget season, the Republican leadership has chosen a stunt over real negotiations and a true attempt at compromise. We saw this in June and I hoped we wouldn’t see it again, but today they decided to waste taxpayer time and money in a game of political showmanship.

“This maneuver, an attempt to override line-by-line what was a full bill veto, is simply disheartening. The nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau was asked if this action was constitutional, and the answer was a clear and concise no. According to the LRB, the General Assembly must reconsider a vetoed bill in the manner in which the bill was vetoed. Republican leadership simply ignored this and some legislators went as far as to say we should ignore the constitution. This is not why we were elected.

“What’s even worse is that the Republicans felt the need to stand up tonight and champion the needs of students, women, victims of horrible crimes and the elderly after slashing the funding that those groups received time and time again over the past four years. Frankly, it’s insulting and a disservice to all Pennsylvanians.

“This year we have the chance to fix all of the mistakes Republicans have made over the past four years. We can properly fund our students’ education and restore the funding to health and human services which was cut during the previous administration. Those cuts were supported by many on the other side of the aisle today who supported this stunt.

“It is my hope that Republicans are done with the smoke and mirrors and will be willing to get down to business and compromise in the best interest of all Pennsylvanians. Their actions today show they’re still playing games”