McCarter: Wolf needs to veto pension bill

HARRISBURG, July 8 – State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, released the following statement today calling on Gov. Tom Wolf to veto Senate Bill 1, which would overhaul the state pension system and is currently awaiting action on his desk:

"Senate Bill 1, which was rushed through the legislature last week without proper hearings or debate, is a bad bill for Pennsylvania and necessitates Governor Wolf use his veto power to stop this flawed bill from becoming law.

"This bill is bad for countless reasons, including questionable constitutionality, forcing new hires to pay down old debt, slashing retirement benefits of future hires by up to 70 percent and failing to bring about the meaningful pension savings that the bill’s proponents claim it would. Our state employees have dutifully done their part in funding our state’s pension system, and they should not be forced to pay the price for years of neglect on the part of past legislators and governors.

"Sadly, this issue is more about ideology and partisan gamesmanship than governing. The majority party didn’t advance the pension elimination plan when Governor Corbett was in office, I imagine out of the fear he would actually sign it. They know it will damage Pennsylvania’s pension system in the long-term which is why they fast-tracked it now.

"Governor Wolf made the right choice by vetoing the privatization bill and I urge him to protect Pennsylvania’s present and future public employees by vetoing this bill as well."