We deserve better than commissioner’s incendiary declaration

GLENSIDE, June 3 – State Rep. Steve McCarter, D-Montgomery, today issued a statement denouncing Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph Gale for his racist, incendiary rhetoric and called on him to resign.

“We are living in difficult times. And, in difficult times, we look to our elected leaders to provide the guidance and stability to help all people understand what needs to be done to get us to a better place,” McCarter said.

“Unfortunately, that has not been the case with one of our Montgomery County Commissioners. The recent statement made by Commissioner Joseph Gale was an incendiary declaration, lacking any sense of history, understanding and compassion.

“Without a single mention or acknowledgement of the death of George Floyd or the underlying issues that have sparked the rage and justified anger in the wake of the despicable use of force used by then officer Chauvin and inaction by other officers in Minneapolis, Commissioner Gale has castigated those who have taken to the streets as nothing more than leftist radicals.

“Mr. Gale denies that systemic police brutality exists, calling it a bogus claim. Is he blind? Where does he live? Does he know the names of Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and far too many more?

“We all know that the vast number of police officers are incredibly dedicated law enforcement professionals who risk life and limb to protect all of us. However, no one can be so blind now not to see that some police officers and many in our society are bigots who lack feelings and compassion generally accepted throughout our country.

“Commissioner Gale’s expressed belief that peaceful protest results in violence, arson and looting is a denial of one of our cherished first amendment rights, that of assembly. He conflates peaceful demonstration with the senseless acts of vandalism and destruction of property that all of us condemn and expect to be punished to the full extent of the law. But, to not understand that his added hateful and racist tone does unspeakable damage to our shared need to unite and move our country forward together, is callous and destructive.

“We need leaders who understand that the murder of George Floyd is a cathartic moment in American history that should be acted upon immediately by leaders that envision a better world without division and hate. Commissioner Gale has sadly failed his most important test and should resign immediately.”