Montgomery County Announces Purchase of New Voting Machines

Dear Friends,       

I have good news! The Montgomery County Commissioners announced yesterday that they have approved a $5.8 million contract with Dominion Voting Systems of Denver, Colorado, to purchase a voter-marked paper balloting system with a verifiable paper trail that can be audited to ensure that votes are being counted accurately. In selecting this system, Montgomery County complied with a Department of State directive issued early this year requiring that new voting machines in the commonwealth have voter-verifiable paper ballots or paper records of votes cast.

The new system will replace the county’s current, circa 1996 electronic push-button voting machines and should be in place for the May 2019 primary election.

In most cases, voters will use pens to fill out ballots, which they will then submit to scanners that tabulate the votes and keep the ballots in secure containers for audits or recounts. Each polling place will also have an ADA touchscreen machine that can be used to select candidates. The machine will then print out a paper ballot that the voter can verify before submitting it to a scanner for tabulation and safe keeping.

I cannot overemphasize how important this new system is. In recent years, we have seen just how fragile our electoral process can be. At every level, in every way,
we need to do everything we can to assure that our
process serves the people.

To that end, Montgomery County Voter Services will sponsor numerous poll worker trainings and conduct an extensive public outreach campaign between now and the May primary to make sure county residents are familiar with the new system and the election goes as smoothly as possible. The office will also host at least one large open house in early spring, where members of the public will be able to try out the new system. I will be sure to make you aware of this date as soon as I hear of it.


Steve McCarter
Pennsylvania State Representative
Serving Cheltenham Township, Springfield Township and Jenkintown Borough