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As part of a budget-related bill, Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed legislation barring municipalities in the commonwealth from taxing or banning the sale or distribution of plastic bags for one year while the economic and environmental impact of plastic bags is studied.
Let’s not wait a year — let’s do the math right now:
If every person in Pennsylvania (12.8 million) used one plastic bag per day for a year (365 days), more than 4.6 billion plastic bags (12.8 times 365 equals 4,672,000,000) would be added to our environment in just one year.
I am co-sponsoring a bill that I believe would represent a significant start at eliminating the ubiquitous, single-use plastic bag. The bill seeks to charge 2 cents for each non-reusable plastic bag used by purchasers of consumer goods at retail establishments. If enacted, this modest measure would gross more than $1 million annually — 50 percent of which would be returned to stores to help improve their recycling practices and 50 percent would be used to fund state recycling programs. Want to support this measure and our environment in the commonwealth?
Click here to support taxing plastic bags in the commonwealth immediately. It’s the smart, forward-thinking thing to do.
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