MEETING RE DRINKING WATER CONCERNS: Entrance and Parking Information

In the wake of Aqua taking their North Hills water well offline, I am hosting an informational meeting on concerns over drinking water quality and sourcing in our area at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7 at the Little Theatre at Cheltenham High School, 500 Rices Mill Road, Wyncote, PA 19095. Representatives from Aqua, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other stakeholders will be there to educate you, hear your concerns and answer your questions.

The area directly impacted by the North Hill well closure in Cheltenham is most of Ward 1; in Springfield, it is Ward 7, Precinct 2. Together, it is an area of about 2.5 miles between Route 73 (Church Road) and Mount Carmel Avenue from Paper Mill Road to Easton Road.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, RSVP by calling my office at (215) 572-5210 or by emailing me at

All those attending the meeting should enter Cheltenham High School at door C01 (the entrance to Cedarbrook Central at the high school) across from the tennis courts off Panther Road. Note that this is on the opposite side of the school from the main parking lot.

There is parking along the tennis courts, outside the pool area, along Panther Road and in the circle in front of the main entrance to the high school. If those spots are taken, you will need to park in the high school’s main parking lot and walk around the outside of the high school to enter the building through door C01. The school is in the process of cleaning classrooms before the school year starts and the hallways are packed with classroom furniture and are tough to negotiate.

There is a curb cut outside door C01 and an elevator through which to access the theatre for those who have difficulty negotiating stairs.

We will have people positioned at the C01 entrance and at the elevator to assist you.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office at (215) 572-5210.