West Philadelphia community mobilizes to fight gun violence

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 29 – Tired of the endless gun violence, state Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, partnered with state Sen. Anthony Williams and Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell to host an emergency community meeting to elaborate a plan of action to fight against gun violence in Philadelphia.

The elected officials were joined by the Philadelphia Police Department, the state’s Attorney General’s Office, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, the Philadelphia Anti-Violence Anti-Drug Partnership, Every Murder Is Real and Sayre Health Center.

“On Wednesday night the community gathered at Anointed Tabernacle of Praise looking for answers after a triple shooting in West Philadelphia injured two teens and an 8-year-old boy,” McClinton said. “And that meeting was the beginning of our healing process. It provided a safe space to express our frustration and it helped craft the first steps to start building a safer community – to come up with solutions together.”

Neighbors had the opportunity to voice their safety concerns and ask questions. McClinton, along with community stakeholders, created a plan of action to promote early intervention and move the community towards a zero violence goal.

The plan includes:

  • Resource fairs for parents.
  • Activities for affected families and children (gifts, counseling services, mental health services).
  • Block Club/Tenants Association (Ludlow, Millick and 61st streets).
  • MEN - mentoring program for young men.
  • Youth Community Center (located near 60th and Market streets).

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