Rep. McNeill to host town hall on heroin and opioid addiction at Salisbury High School

WHITEHALL, Sept. 30 – State Rep. Daniel McNeill, D-Lehigh, will host his next town hall meeting on the heroin and opioid addiction epidemic at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12 in the auditorium at Salisbury High School, 500 E. Montgomery St., Allentown.


McNeill noted that to date, there have been close to 100 suspected drug overdose deaths in Lehigh County alone.


Speakers scheduled to appear are: Joe Stauffer – chief deputy district attorney of Lehigh County and supervisor of the Narcotics Unit; Joe Marellucci, Lehigh County assistant administrator for Drug and Alcohol; Bill Stauffer – executive director, Pennsylvania Recovery Organization–Alliance (PRO-A); and Donna Jacobsen – leader, Lehigh Valley Parent Group.


“We are making some progress in this battle, but every week we are still losing people to this epidemic,” McNeill said. “We are going to keep having these discussions to reach as many adults as we can in every part of my district. If you don’t think that it is in your community, on your block, or in your family, you are wrong. It’s everywhere.”


The meeting, the fourth McNeill has hosted, will focus on how and why adults, teens and children become involved with drug use, where and how to seek treatment for those who are addicted, how to identify the signs of drug abuse, and what the community can do to fight back and prevent the use and abuse of such addictive narcotics.