McNeill resolution recognizes May as ‘Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month’

HARRISBURG, May 24 – In an effort to raise awareness about Huntington’s disease, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today unanimously adopted a resolution authored by state Rep. Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh.

House Resolution 875 recognizes May 2018 as “Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania.

“Resolutions like this are meant to bring attention to important problems, to things that affect our constituents deeply,” McNeill said. “Huntington’s disease is a fatal genetic disorder that has a profound impact on nearly 30,000 Americans and their families, but the lack of awareness of the condition can leave many feeling isolated and hopeless. It’s my hope that this resolution will let them know that we, as state legislators, recognize their condition and urge that a cure be found.”

Huntington’s disease causes nerve cells in the brain to progressively deteriorate until a person is no longer able to speak, walk or be independent. While medications can alleviate some of the symptoms of Huntington’s disease, no treatment can alter the fatal course or cure the disease entirely.

Huntington's disease is known as the quintessential family disease because every child of a parent with Huntington's disease has a 50 percent chance of carrying the faulty gene and developing the disease.

“My late husband was the first to introduce this resolution in the House, and I am honored to continue to do so, inspired by one of my constituents who suffers from Huntington’s disease,” McNeill said. “It is crucial that we help raise awareness of Huntington’s disease, promote efforts to research and discover a cure, and acknowledge all the individuals, families and caregivers affected by this condition.”

The Huntington's Disease Society of America ( is dedicated to improving the lives of all individuals affected by Huntington's disease and has created a network of support through education, advocacy and outreach.