McNeill tours Coplay Aggregates Quarry

WHITEHALL, July 20 – State Rep. Jeanne McNeill toured the Coplay Aggregates Quarry Thursday afternoon and met with the owners who explained the processes used at the Whitehall Township facility.

“Upon my request, the owners of the Coplay Aggregates Quarry gave Whitehall Mayor Michael Harakal, state Representative Zach Mako and me a complete tour of the facility that lasted several hours. The tour seemed to address complaints that residents have had with the operation: from noise, to dust, to purchasing equipment that washes the trucks,” McNeill said. “The owner said they address complaints and take any violation seriously.”

The quarry site is located in Mako’s district, however, McNeill is concerned about any issue that might affect the health of Whitehall and Coplay residents.

McNeill said during the tour of the site with the vehicle windows rolled down, she didn’t smell any foul odors or see dust that neighbors have complained about.

McNeill, Harakal and Mako were shown the area where the suspected contaminated soil is located.

“The owners are waiting for a final determination from the EPA as to whether there is a violation, and if so, the owners state they will act accordingly to remediate it. They seem to be responsible business owners who want to be good neighbors with Whitehall Township and the local residents. I remain concerned that the EPA issued a letter regarding possible contamination, and if that is proven, I would expect the owners to rectify the situation, but I want to make sure we have all the facts before anyone draws any conclusions,” she said.

McNeill suggested the owners hold a town hall meeting to address the concerns of local residents, but understands their hesitation to do so.

“I’m sure they feel like they will be thrown to the wolves because a number of residents have complaints and say they don’t trust them; but I encouraged them that if the residents can talk with them directly about how the quarry is operated, opinions may be changed,” she said.