Erie area revitalization projects to receive nearly $2 million in funding

ERIE, Dec. 17 – Two dozen community redevelopment projects in the Erie region will benefit from nearly $2 million in tax credits, state Reps. Patrick Harkins, Ryan Bizzarro and Rep.-elect Robert Merski announced Monday.

The projects range from life skills training for at-risk youth and the redevelopment of mix-used commercial buildings, to supporting community arts projects and Pre-K education programs.

“I applaud the state’s investment and support of these important projects and programs in Erie,” Harkins said. “Thanks to this investment, these programs will have the financial support they need to make a positive impact on our community.”

The two dozen projects in the Erie area were among 136 selected to receive tax credits to support and leverage private investment in communities across the state.

“These tax credits will further encourage businesses and programs to continue to invest in our region,” Bizzarro said. “I am excited to see the state continue to support the good work that has already been done to revitalize and reinvigorate the greater Erie community.”

The tax credit program, managed by the state Department of Community and Economic Development, provides the credits to business that donate capital to support projects that address neighborhood and community problems, including affordable housing, veteran’s initiatives, crime prevention education, job training and long-term community revitalization.

“These projects will greatly benefit northwest Pennsylvania,” Merski said. “I am pleased that the state has approved these tax credits to encourage businesses to invest in our neighborhoods and support our communities.”

A full list of programs and projects that will be supported by the tax credits in northwest Pennsylvania can be found by following this link.