Harkins, Merski: $1.4 million awarded to install ADA-compliant sidewalks, ramps in Erie

ERIE, April 26 – A total of $1.4 million in new funding was awarded to the City of Erie to install ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps, state Reps. Pat Harkins and Bob Merski, both D-Erie, announced today.

This money will go toward the revamping of areas within the city that currently lack accessible sidewalks for those living with a disability. Additionally, this funding will also include the installation of high visibility crosswalks and signage.

“The grant awarded for the construction of ADA-compliant sidewalks is not just an infrastructure improvement—it's a statement that we value every member of our community,” Harkins said.

“These sidewalks are a step towards ensuring that individuals with disabilities can navigate our city with the same ease and independence as everyone else,” Merski said.

“This project exemplifies our dedication to creating a world where limitations are recognized and accommodated, not ignored or overlooked.”

The grants were awarded through the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside and administered by the state Transportation Department. The Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside provides funding for projects and activities defined as transportation alternatives, including on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-driver access to public transportation and enhanced mobility, community improvement activities and environmental mitigation, trails that serve a transportation purpose, and safe routes to school projects.