Miller introduces legislation that would require natural gas companies to disclose chemicals used in fracking

HARRISBURG, July 14 – Seeking to put the health and well-being of Pennsylvanians first, state Rep. Dan Miller, D-Allegheny, on Tuesday introduced legislation that would require natural gas companies to disclose what chemicals are used in the fracking process.


Miller said his legislation would amend the Oil and Gas Act by removing the current exceptions to disclosure that allow companies to hide the chemicals they use in the fracking process, and requiring disclosure of chemicals 14 days prior to use at any stage of the fracking process, drilling included.

“The work of the attorney general and the grand jury report reminded all of us that there is still some important things that we don't know about our natural gas industry," Miller said. "It is not too much for us to demand that if you pump chemicals into our ground, we need to know what those chemicals are. It is past due that we have greater transparency and I thank the attorney general for his attention on this issue."

Miller said that this bill is one of the recommendations from the 43rd statewide grand jury, “requiring fracking companies to publicly disclose all chemicals used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing before they are used on-site.”