Miller: Baldwin-Whitehall, Keystone Oaks school districts to benefit from $100,000 in ‘Safe Schools’ Police/Resource Officer grants

MT. LEBANON, Nov. 17– The state Department of Education has notified state Rep. Dan Miller, D-Mt. Lebanon, that $100,000 in grants for the training and compensation of school resource and police officers will be awarded to the Baldwin-Whitehall and Keystone Oaks school districts.

Miller said Baldwin-Whitehall is getting $60,000, while $40,000 is going to Keystone Oaks. Miller said official notice is expected to be sent to the school districts today.

“Programs like this, which further ensure the safety of our students, have my full support,” Miller said. “I thank the Department of Education for this valuable funding, because having a safe and secure learning environment for all students is a necessity.”

The money is coming from the Safe Schools School Police/Resource Officer Grant program. Applicants are eligible for a maximum individual grant of $60,000 for a school resource officer and $40,000 for a school police officer.

Local police agencies and municipalities can apply and receive a grant but they must have prior consent of the governing board of the school to place school resource officers on the school’s premises.