Mullery introduces bill to end child-run lemonade stand permits

HARRISBURG, Aug. 5 – A bipartisan bill which would end the regulation of child-run lemonade stands on private property has been introduced by state Rep. Gerald J. Mullery, D-Luzerne.

“Lemonade stands are an American summertime tradition. Many adults grew up selling lemonade at their own stands in their neighborhoods, and now their kids cannot enjoy the excitement of selling cold drinks on hot, summer days,” Mullery said.  

Currently, children in Pennsylvania are prohibited from setting up and operating a lemonade stand in their front yard without obtaining a permit to do so from a municipality, township, or county in which they live.

The bill would end what Mullery considers government overreach by stopping permit requirements for lemonade stands run by children younger than 18 on private property. 

Mullery said H.B. 1744 would make it easier for kids like Brian Lyons, a Plymouth 10-year-old who is fundraising to support his local fire company, raise money to help their community.

“Our children should be encouraged to run lemonade stands. They can learn the value of earning money and an understanding of business principles, instead of having red tape interfering with youthful entrepreneurs,” Mullery said.