White Haven public hearing a charade, should be canceled, Mullery says

HARRISBURG, Aug. 22 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery said the Sept. 12 public hearing regarding the state closure of the White Haven Center should be canceled because it’s nothing more than a charade.

“During a conference call with a top official at the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, I was advised that the decision to close the White Haven and Polk facilities is final. No testimony offered at the hearing will have any impact on the closure process. The only reason DHS is holding a public hearing is because they are required to by state law,” said Mullery, D-Luzerne.

“This hearing is nothing more than a sham. It’s unnecessary and should be canceled. By holding this hearing, the department is providing White Haven residents, families, workers and the affected communities with false hope that whatever testimony they provide will have an impact, when in fact it will not. I don’t want to be part of this farce and I don’t want to put all of these people through a gut-wrenching hearing that will result in no change to this misguided decision to close these facilities.”

Continuing his efforts to stop the White Haven Center from being closed by the state, Mullery today delivered a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf’s office requesting he visit the residents, families and workers at the facility.

“It’s imperative that the governor meet those who will be deeply affected by this decision to shutter the White Haven Center. I want him to look in the eyes of those who call it home and tell them that it’s going to be taken away from them so the state can save money,” Mullery said. “It’s the very least he can do for the 112 residents who will need to be relocated and the more than 400 employees who will be displaced.”

“I believe you owe it to the residents, their families, the employees and the greater White Haven community to visit the campus. I would like to formally invite you to visit White Haven Center. I invite you to meet with the residents and their families. I invite you to observe the care provided by the staff. I think it is very important for you to see, first-hand, those you are affecting with your decision,” Mullery wrote.