Mullery supports Sunday hunting proposal

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery said the positive economic impact of allowing Sunday hunting led to his vote for the legislation today in the House Game and Fisheries Committee.

“Increasing the amount of time available to hunt will help grow hunter numbers in Pennsylvania, which have been in decline since the early 1980s, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. A 2011 Game Commission survey identified lack of free time as one of the leading causes in the decline of hunter participation. The study concluded that repealing the Sunday hunting ban would mitigate the decline in hunter participation. Allowing Sunday hunting would effectively double the amount of time in the field for many hunters currently limited to only Saturday outings due to work and school schedules. At a time when our hunting heritage is threatened, increased opportunity is crucial to retaining, recruiting and reactivating hunters,” said Mullery, Democratic vice chairman of the committee.

“Additional time in the field for hunters will also lead to a positive economic impact, both for wildlife conservation, which largely depends on license sales for funding, and on Pennsylvania's economy, particularly in rural communities. Ending the ban on Sunday hunting would add 4,400 jobs and almost $100 million in wages to the Pennsylvania economy, according to a 2011 National Shooting Sports Foundation study.

“All neighboring states, except two, have updated their statutes to allow Sunday hunting. Pennsylvania will continue to lose hunting license fees and travel dollars to these states until we cast off the old-fashioned laws that prohibit Sunday hunting,” Mullery said.

Senate Bill 147, which would allow hunting on three Sundays, heads to the full House for consideration.