Carroll, Mullery thankful for COVID-19 test site in Luzerne County

HARRISBURG, April 16 – State Reps. Mike Carroll, D-Avoca, and Jerry Mullery, D-Nanticoke, extended their thanks to Gov. Tom Wolf, Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, PEMA Director Randy Padfield and Adjutant Gen. Anthony Carrelli of the Pennsylvania National Guard for their leadership in establishing a COVID-19 mass testing site at the Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre.

“Many critical health and economic decisions lie ahead for all of us. The availability of testing and the compiled results will significantly help to inform everyone as critical decisions are faced in the coming weeks and months. It’s our sincere hope the testing that begins at the arena is just the beginning of widespread testing across the state that will more clearly identify the impact of the virus,” Carroll said.

“The ongoing efforts to relax social distancing and re-open businesses across the state can more readily be accomplished with the exact information that is gathered from additional testing. There is no perfection in any of these decisions and a search for the perfect solution will result in perpetual inaction. It is obvious that no community is immune to the COVID-19 virus and every person and every community has a role to play in this struggle,” Mullery said.

“Before the public returns to work, dines at restaurants or shops at retail businesses, we need to dramatically increase the availability of coronavirus testing. To date, we’ve tested less than 1% of the American population and here in Luzerne County testing has decreased by 75% compared to only a few weeks ago. To prevent further delays to something close to our normal lives, experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Levine highlight daily the need for increased testing. This new site advances our collective health and economic interests,” Mullery said.

“The fact that the costs associated with this mass testing site will be incurred by the state is a bonus for our region. We’re quite confident those managing the testing site including the members of our National Guard will take every step necessary to minimize any potential negative impact on the surrounding community. Additional testing benefits our health care workers, our emergency responders, the elderly and in fact every one of us. Ultimately, every decision related to the COVID-19 will have life and death consequences for everyone,” Carroll said.