Mullery bill would give Game Commission responsibility to issue antlerless hunting licenses

HARRISBURG, Jan. 26 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery has reintroduced a bill to give the Pennsylvania Game Commission the responsibility to distribute antlerless deer hunting licenses.


Currently, the Game Commission determines the number of antlerless licenses to be allocated, but county treasurers distribute the permits. To apply for a doe license, Pennsylvania hunters must fill out a form, write a check and drop an envelope in the mail. They can mail the form and check to any treasurer's office in the state; however, most hunters send it to their home county.


Mullery, a member of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, said the current system is outdated, inconvenient, and, in some instances, ineffective.


"Hunting and fishing licenses are available online, and Pennsylvanians should be able to obtain an antlerless license the same way," Mullery said. "It's time to modernize this antiquated system."


Mullery said the current system led to Luzerne County hunters being shut out of a doe license last year when the treasurer's office, citing staff cuts, failed to process applications on time.


"A modern system run by the Game Commission would have prevented that inexcusable mistake," Mullery said.


H.B. 231 is expected to be referred to the Game and Fisheries Committee.