Mullery votes to end nine-month state budget impasse

‘Luzerne County school districts need funding to properly finish school year’

HARRISBURG, March 16 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery today voted in favor of a GOP spending plan to wrap up the long-overdue 2015-16 state budget.

Mullery said the spending plan increases spending by 3 percent overall, and provides an additional $200 million more to public schools.

Citing looming threats from school officials in his district who say they may have to close schools before the end of the year, Mullery said students can no longer be the victims of political gridlock in Harrisburg.

"Today, I set aside party politics and voted for a budget. Although not perfect, this budget is a compromise that will increase funding to our schools and does not raise taxes," Mullery said. "Hopefully, this budget will bring an end to the nine-month struggle our schools and community organizations have endured. 

"It is time to begin the work on next year’s budget and make certain we do not make the same mistakes."