Mullery supports legislation for additional property tax relief, pledges to work for a comprehensive plan

HARRISBURG, Oct. 7 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery today released the following statement regarding his vote on legislation offered to help raise revenue for additional property tax relief:

“Today I cast a vote for an amendment that would bring us closer to property tax elimination. I am proud to say that the amendment I supported would eliminate school property taxes for more than 330,000 Pennsylvanians and significantly reduce school property taxes for an additional 240,000.

“This legislation offered a victory for Pennsylvania’s senior citizens, disabled and veterans. We no longer would have to worry about a World War II veteran losing his home due to his inability to pay property taxes.

“Although this legislation was defeated, I remain committed to working with Governor Tom Wolf and leaders of both parties on a more comprehensive plan for property tax relief for all. Harrisburg has begun to realize that Pennsylvania homeowners need meaningful property tax relief.”