Mullery applauds Plymouth Township leaving Act 47 status

NANTICOKE, May 3 – After more than a decade of being designated as a distressed municipality, state Rep. Gerald Mullery today praised Plymouth Township for getting out of its Act 47 status.

"It’s been a long journey for township officials to get to this point," said Mullery, D-Newport Township. "I applaud everyone for coming together to shed the label of being a distressed municipality." 

In 2004, the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Governor’s Center for Local Government Services declared Plymouth Township as financially distressed. Officials say it was due to years of uncontrolled spending and poor management.

"Unfortunately, the situation spiraled out of hand and landed Plymouth Township into Act 47," Mullery said. "The hard work and dedication of the township supervisors have put their financial house in order and onto the right path of preventing this from happening again." 

Mullery added that the DCED’s Governor’s Center will continue to help Plymouth Township move forward with such things as grants.