Mullery introduces antlerless hunting license bill

HARRISBURG, Feb. 2 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery, D-Luzerne, has reintroduced legislation (H.B. 275) to update the current antlerless hunting licensing system, which would allow hunters to apply for doe licenses online.


“It's time to modernize this antiquated system,” said Mullery, who serves as Democratic vice chairman of the Game and Fisheries Committee. “Hunting and fishing licenses are available online, and there is no reason why a Pennsylvania resident should not be able to obtain an antlerless license the same way.”


The current system is managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, responsible for determining the number of antlerless licenses to be allocated, while the actual distribution of permits is the responsibility of each county treasurers’ office. When applying for a doe license, hunters across the state fill out a form, write a check and submit it to the county treasurer, normally the one in their home county.


However, Mullery points out that the current system is outdated and doesn’t always work because there are some counties that don’t always have the financial resources or staff to process applications in a timely manner.


“There have been situations in the past, specifically in Luzerne County, where hunters, were shut out of the season simply because of the failure to process applications on time,” Mullery said. “Again, there really is no reason why these licenses can’t be processed and distributed by the Game Commission, as it currently does with its hunting licenses.”


The bill has been sent to the Game and Fisheries Committee for consideration, and is supported by the Game Commission, and sportsmen groups across the Commonwealth, including the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Club (which represents approximately 70,000 women and men across the Commonwealth) and United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, among others.