Mullery legislation to help ease burden on club licensees

HARRISBURG, May 5 – State Rep. Gerald Mullery, D-Luzerne, introduced legislation that would help ease the reporting and fundraising burdens on club licensees under the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act.

Currently, state law requires clubs with proceeds exceeding $20,000 in a year to submit annual reports. These reports provide information on proceeds from each game of chance and the amount of prizes awarded, itemized weekly.

Mullery said his legislation would change that requirement from weekly to quarterly. 

"My bill does not change the information provided to the state -- it simply eases the reporting timeline," Mullery said. "Filling out this necessary paperwork would not be as burdensome for our veteran and fraternal organizations and other nonprofit clubs."

House Bill 1334 also would increase the fundraising limit from $40,000 annually to $60,000 annually, allowing clubs to satisfy their charitable mission.