PDAC members, parishioners spruce up local church

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 20  – Thanks to a grant from Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, members of the 8th Police District Advisory Council, the 8th Police District, parishioners and community volunteers recently gave the Bethany African Methodist Episcopal church in northeast Philadelphia a fresh coat of paint, said state Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila.

Neilson said his office assisted the 8th PDAC with applying for the Fresh Paint Days Pennsylvania grant.

“By partnering with 8th PDAC, it was a great opportunity to bring a sense of community to this important project,” Neilson said. “It was great to see high school students and community members working alongside our police officers to bring new life into the historical Bethany African Methodist Episcopal Church.”

Neilson added Patricia Rosati, the 8th Police District community relations officer, headed up the project, applied for the grant and organized the paint days.

Fresh Paint Days Pennsylvania is a program designed to provide community groups with paint and supplies to enable them to renew a community structure in need. A list of the 2019 grant winners and projects can be found here.