Neilson calls on Congress to fix Pa.’s infrastructure crisis, create National Infrastructure Bank

HARRISBURG, Dec.10 – Pennsylvania is in the midst of an infrastructure crisis, said state Rep. Ed Neilson on Wednesday, as he introduced a resolution calling on Congress to establish a National Infrastructure Bank.

“Our infrastructure, from the school buildings we send our children off to each day, to the roads and bridges we navigate daily, is crumbling,” Neilson said. “To fix this problem, I’m calling on Congress to establish a National Infrastructure Bank to finance the improvements we need.”

In 2018, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Pennsylvania a cumulative “C-” infrastructure grade across 18 categories that included a “D+” grade for roads, a “D” grade for drinking water, and a “D-” grade for wastewater treatment, Neilson said. Additionally, the report noted that traffic congestion in Pennsylvania results in more than $3.7 billion in lost time and wasted fuel annually.

Neilson said the concept of a National Infrastructure Bank has been used by past presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. Investments from a National Infrastructure Bank would restart various industries, Neilson said, and create millions of new jobs and supply the needed financing to repair Pennsylvania’s crumbling infrastructure.