Neilson reintroduces legislation to curb speeding through school zones

HARRISBURG, Jan. 30 -- State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., has reintroduced legislation designed to save children’s lives by requiring automated speed cameras in school zones to “Give our kids a break.”  

“The city is plagued by being unable to hire police and bus drivers, and it has reduced the number of bus routes and crossing guards in our neighborhoods,” Neilson said. “The calls about these dangerous situations keep coming to my office and if the city isn’t able to fix it, as public servants, it’s our duty to introduce legislation that protects and enhances the life of our constituents, and that’s exactly what this legislation would do.”  

Former Gov. Tom Wolf invested $14.5 million to install these cameras along Roosevelt Boulevard, a main corridor in Neilson’s district – Neilson said he wants to have the program expanded into the neighborhood because the death of just one child from carelessness is too many.  

“Every day, we see people speeding through school zones, endangering the lives of children and the crossing guards in a place where they are supposed to be safe,” Neilson said. “We need to give our kids a break.” 

Neilson said he wants to see the same automated speed cameras in school zones across the commonwealth. This is not the first kind of legislation introduced in the country that puts speed cameras in school zones.   

Neilson said that similar sized cities such as Chicago shows the cameras work to slow down drivers in school safety zones. He said many may feel that it is just a money grab, but the facts show that the public is the beneficiary of the safety they provide.