Neilson recognizes Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., majority chair of the House Transportation Committee, applauded Gov. Josh’s Shapiro’s designation of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in the commonwealth.  

According to the proclamation, there are over 807,000 licensed motorcyclists in Pennsylvania. 

“Motorcyclists are often our friends, neighbors and loved ones,” Neilson said. “We must keep an eye out for them while on the road to avoid losing precious lives. I encourage motorcyclists to keep spreading awareness and education amongst drivers with whom they share the road.”   

Neilson said he is grateful that Shapiro is recognizing motorcyclists and promoting their safety and well-being.  

He said that drivers must stay alert, avoid distractions and practice safe driving to keep motorcyclists and fellow drivers safe. 

Unfortunately, in 2021 there were over 3,000 motorcycle crashes, 266 of which were fatalities, according to the state Transportation Department. This is an increase of 5.5% from the previous year.  

The proclamation also states that PennDOT, the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Dealers Association will continue advocating for the safety needs of motorcyclists.