Republican choices limit families' financial security and children's future

The House Republican budget bill (H.B. 218) could drive waiting lists for quality child care in Pennsylvania to their highest levels in history.


The Republican budget cuts childcare assistance and services support by nearly $70 million.


This would eliminate childcare services for 10,000 PA children and increase waiting lists by almost 20,000.


House Bill 218 also denies more funding for home visiting programs that evidence shows keeps many new moms and their babies healthy.


The governor's proposed budget would help provide quality childcare options for the parents of an additional 1,800 children.


This support would allow parents to work while their children receive reliable, safe care.


The governor's proposed budget also supports home visiting services for 1,700 families.


House Democrats support these important investments in our state's future.


The days of middle class families being able to get by with only one parent working are long gone.


The vast majority of families require two incomes to make ends meet.


The absence of safe, reliable childcare options threatens the job stability and financial security of many parents.


Without a strong commitment to child care and pre-K from the state, thousands of middle class parents cannot afford quality care for their children.


They risk losing the income their family needs, and their kids miss out on the opportunities and skills that quality child care and early education programs provide.


Pennsylvania shouldn't limit your family's financial security or your child's future opportunities by shortchanging quality child care and early learning in the state budget.