Same job? Same pay. It’s that simple.

Imagine going to the ATM to withdraw $100 and the machine gives you $80. Imagine buying a home in a new development only to find out your neighbor got 20 percent more amenities for the same home at the exact same price. You’d be mad. And you’d be right to be mad.

The same thing is happening to women in Pennsylvania and across the nation every day of every month of every year in the form of wage discrimination. And it’s just as wrong as the scenarios above.  

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that marks the three months of extra time full-time working women normally must work in order to earn what their male counterparts earned last year. 

Pay-equity laws have been on the books since the early 1960s, but women in the U.S. still earn about 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts and, on average, must work 50 years to earn what men earn in 40 years for the same or similar work.

For women of color, the gender wage gap is even more damaging. African-American women earn 63 cents to the man’s dollar. It is 54 cents for Hispanic and Latina women and 57 cents for Native American women.

A 20-year-old woman embarking on her career in Pennsylvania stands to lose some $430,480 over a 40-year career compared to her male counterpart. That’s more than $10,000 a year lost, simply because she's a woman. And while her male counterpart can retire at age 60 after 40 years of work, she would have to work until age 71 – well beyond Social Security's full retirement age of 67 -- to close that gap.

Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have passed laws that strengthen benefits and give protections to women to ensure they are given the same compensation men receive.

But in Harrisburg under the House Republican majority, the rules continue to favor the wealthy and the well-connected, rather than women, you and your family. Women deserve more respect.

The House Democrats’ Plan4PA would end wage discrimination based on gender and level the playing field for women in the workplace.

Same job? Same pay. It’s just that simple. Join the fight by contacting your state lawmakers and the leaders who control the agenda. Tell them it's time to end the gender wage gap. Tell them to support equal pay in the House Democrats' Plan4PA.