Don’t let them get away with it!

Republican leaders working to keep gerrymandering alive in Pa.

Don't let special interests steal your elections
Put People First in redistricting process

With more than half the House chamber signed on to a nonpartisan redistricting bill (HB 722) gaining public momentum, gerrymandering was firmly on track to become extinct in Pennsylvania.

Fearing for their fiefdom, Republican leaders went mad this week and worked to derail citizens’ efforts to ensure fair elections in the state.

Republican Chairman Daryl Metcalfe hastily called for a State Government Committee Meeting to gut the bill and replace the citizens redistricting commission it originally called for with a group made up of legislators and controlled by Republicans to preserve gerrymandering and extend the GOP’s partisan control over our elections.

You may recall that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in January struck down the boundaries of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional districts, ruling them unconstitutional because the very clearly had been drawn to benefit political parties over people. Republicans appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court…and lost. While the court’s congressional lines will be in force this year, there’s no guarantee for the future.

When it comes to putting special interests – and their own interests – over People First, Republicans just won’t let up.

Special interests – and their large checkbooks – want all the influence in government.

Don’t let them get away with it.