Republican Medicaid cuts unmasked

Last week, a Republican committee in the PA House approved a bill to keep redistricting in the hands of a small group of legislators controlled by their own party and tried to pass it off as reform. Pennsylvanians weren't fooled. Members of the public who attended the meeting (even though it was kept secret until the last minute) booed the Republican chairman out of the room. 

This week, Republicans will try to cut Medicaid in Pennsylvania and call it reform. This proposal should get the same Bronx cheer. Their legislation to attach unprecedented work requirements to obtaining healthcare won't save money and won't force people who aren't working to "earn" their benefits.


Eighty percent of Medicaid healthcare spending in Pennsylvania provides lifesaving support to senior citizens, children and people with disabilities. Pennsylvanians who gained health coverage under Medicaid Expansion typically are working but can't afford private insurance. Those that aren't working include domestic violence survivors, people caring for a family member with a disability or chronic health issue, pregnant women or people caring for infants and young children, and homeless people and full-time students.


Those are the facts. Here's another. Over the next six years, the cost to taxpayers like you to have the state set up, monitor and enforce a work requirement system for #Medicaid enrollees would be more than $3.5 billion. The feds won't be making any money available to cover these costs. No wonder Trump wants the states to do it. Pennsylvania Republicans want to waste nearly $4 billion to make sure pregnant women are putting in their eight hour shift each day to "earn" their baby wellness visits.


Make no mistake, #Medicaid work requirements are nothing but a plan to create bigger government to hassle struggling individuals and families out of the support they need to live healthy and productive lives. It's another example of Republicans' desire to put politics first, not People First, and we should reject it. Here's how you can add your voice.