Schlossberg: BEF Commission report builds on Level Up proposal for permanent solution

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – Today, Pennsylvania’s Basic Education Funding Commission delivered a report recommending significant investments to close the gaps between schools and deliver property tax relief to homeowners shouldering the largest burdens. State Rep. Mike Schlossberg released the following statement:

“The majority report approved by the commission recognizes what my Level Up proposals attempted to resolve: Pennsylvania’s poorest school districts need more support from the Commonwealth to better serve our students. With an antiquated school funding system that relies on local property taxes to pay for education, districts with lower property values are always going to struggle to fulfill their obligations. It results in higher property taxes for homeowners and small businesses and short-changes students. By increasing the state’s share of funding to those struggling districts, allocating resources to new school construction, and providing property tax relief for homeowners, we can set a stronger, new course for Pennsylvania’s students. Level Up took a few big steps in addressing those issues, but it was never a permanent solution. Implementing this report IS the permanent solution.

“I would like to take a moment to thank Education Committee chair Representative Pete Schweyer for his work and leadership on behalf of the House. With Senator Nick Miller also on the commission, the Lehigh Valley has been very well represented in this conversation. Their passion for our students serves all of us and I am grateful for their leadership.”