Schweyer issues statement on Gov. Shapiro’s plan to streamline higher education and put students first

HARRISBURG, Jan. 26 – Pennsylvania House Education Committee Majority Chairman, state Rep. Peter Schweyer today issued the following statement on Gov. Josh Shapiro’s plan to build a student-first streamlined higher education system.

“For me it’s always going to be about one thing – making sure our college students have the shortest, most affordable path to getting the degree they need in the field they want so they can have the career and the life they deserve. For too long we’ve put up hurdles to our students – students of every age – who are doing the work to improve their lives.

“The end result is higher student loan bills causing too many people to abandon their dreams. A student starting their journey at one of our community colleges and deciding to move to a state system college shouldn’t need to add a year of classes – and tuition – to their plan. Students shouldn’t have to equate a better future with decades of debt.  

“The governor’s plan to streamline operations is a great proposal that aligns with the modern changes we’ve been pushing for, and my committee is going to work hard to get the facts on what works and what we can do better for the students – because what’s good for them is good for our commonwealth in the long run.”