Siegel, representative of the majority of Allentown’s NIZ, makes statement of support after study and increased revenues

HARRISBURG, May 15 – State Rep. Josh Siegel released the following statement regarding the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone study and his support for it:

“The study of the Neighborhood Improvement Zone’s effectiveness once again demonstrates that Allentown’s rebirth is not just a model for the nation, but critical to the future of the Lehigh Valley,” Siegel said. “Thriving regions depend on thriving downtowns, everyone benefits from jobs, entertainment, and increased opportunity. The Lehigh Valley would not be what it is without its cities. The NIZ has been one our smartest investments in public safety through historic reductions in crime and preservation of land, allowing for more residents, businesses, and venues to concentrate in our urban core rather than further eroding our beautiful farmland and open space.


“Every Lehigh Valley representative should be holding this study up as a point of pride in the power of our region to shape its destiny through pragmatic, bipartisan collaboration. Whether you work in Allentown, live in the city, venture in for sports and dining or reside in a surrounding community, Allentown belongs to all of us, and we all share in the endless ripples of its revitalization, so goes our city, so goes our region. Allentown is our symbol to the commonwealth, representing our spirit and determination, proudly declaring we don’t surrender to history, we make it.”

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission's report on Allentown's NIZ was presented on Tuesday.