O’Mara introduces resolution to improve government transparency

HARRISBURG, Jan. 29 – State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, D-Delaware, is part of a bipartisan group of legislators pushing to make government more transparent and accountable to the people of Pennsylvania instead of special interests.

O’Mara’s legislation, Resolution 20, would reverse a change to the House Rules and require a full 24 hours before the House considers bills on final passage or bills with Senate amendments.


On Jan. 1, the House Rules were amended to shorten the deadline from 24 to 12 hours to consider bills on final passage. In addition, the House is now only required to wait six hours before considering a bill changed by the Senate.


O’Mara said, “These short deadlines do not give us enough time to review important bills. Six to twelve hours is not enough time to get input from our constituents on major changes to bills that would impact their lives.


“People’s faith in government is broken because they don’t believe they are given a chance to learn what is happening and be heard. They’re right—the House rules serve special interests, not the people of Pennsylvania.”


A freshman representative who was sworn into office on Jan. 1, O’Mara is one of several legislators who are offering reforms to the House rules after they were not given an opportunity on opening day of the House's 2019-20 session to consider proposed changes to the current rules.