Kirkland bill would require ID for firearm ammunition purchases

CHESTER, Sept. 13 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware, is introducing legislation that would require people purchasing firearm ammunition to present an official form of photo identification.

Currently, ammunition cannot be sold to anyone who sellers reasonably believe to be under the minimum age. However, sellers are not required to check a buyer’s ID to verify age. Kirkland’s legislation would require identification be presented every time ammunition is purchased, helping to eliminate illegal sales.

“Protecting our communities from the horrific impact of gun violence is extremely important to me,” Kirkland said. “From Sandy Hook to Stoneman Douglas High School, we too often grieve the loss of precious life taken by those who should not have access to firearms and ammunition.

“Sadly, young people, especially African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans, face significantly higher-than-average risks of being a victim of gun-related homicide. We can – and we must – do everything in our power to curtail this epidemic, and this legislation is just one step of many necessary to take on this issue.”

Kirkland said that photo ID is required to purchase alcohol, allergy medicine, lottery tickets and other items, so it is reasonable to require identification for purchasing the element that makes a firearm lethal.

He said that his legislation would serve as reasonable reform to save lives without infringing on law-abiding citizens’ rights to own and use guns.

Several states, including New Jersey, already require individuals to present identification when purchasing firearm ammunition.