Rep.-Elect Anthony Bellmon joins PA Safe Caucus as co-chair

Vows to work to prevent gun violence and provide services to those affected by it

HARRISBURG, Dec. 15 – The PA Safe Caucus announced Thursday that incoming Rep.-Elect Anthony Bellmon, D-Phila., will join Rep. Dan Frankel at the helm of the legislative caucus.

“I’m proud to be selected as co-chair to the PA Safe Caucus, a group of legislators working daily on the epidemic of gun violence in our commonwealth. This is an issue that disproportionately affects my constituents in Philadelphia, and I am hoping in the new legislative session we can work together to increase mental health resources and enact commonsense gun laws that keep Pennsylvania residents safe,” Bellmon said.

The PA Safe Caucus works with communities, survivors, advocacy organizations and others committed to reducing gun violence to find legislative remedies for the deadly epidemic caused by a near total lack of regulation of firearms in the commonwealth.

Frankel welcomed Bellmon, noting that his background in policy and his experience in a district that is suffering for the lack of state gun laws will be assets to the Safe Caucus’ efforts to prioritize public safety.

“For decades, the firearm industry and its advocates have stonewalled any effort to address gun violence, and the result is an out-of-control public health crisis,” Frankel said. “But Pennsylvania voters are sending us more and more legislators like Representative-Elect Bellmon, who agrees that people deserve to feel safe in their communities. I’m excited to have him as a partner in this effort, and we are ready to get to work.”

Leading the PA Safe Caucus on the Senate side will be longtime gun violence prevention advocates Steve Santarsiero and Amanda Cappelletti.

Current law in Pennsylvania requires no wait period and no training to purchase a firearm. Private sales of long guns, including assault rifles, do not require background checks. There is no requirement to report firearms lost or stolen, there is no way to temporarily remove firearms from individuals in crisis, and there is no requirement that any steps be taken to safely store a firearm to keep it out of the hands of children. Localities are barred from enacting any firearm regulations themselves.