Harris praises Commonwealth Court ruling on gun law

HARRISBURG, June 25 – Calling Act 192 of 2014 unconstitutional from the beginning, state Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., praised the Commonwealth Court ruling striking it down as a violation of the single-subject rule.

"Act 192 was rammed through the legislative process on the last session day in an unconstitutional way," Harris said. "Attaching this amendment to a bill dealing with criminal penalties was a clear violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution and the single-subject rule, and I’m glad the Commonwealth Court agreed with this ruling.

"We have trouble getting the legislature to agree that we need to close loopholes that currently exist in our gun sale laws and background check systems. We can’t allow outside interest groups to put their money and their power behind local groups suing municipalities that believe it’s in their best interest to take gun control ordinances into their own hands.

"Our major cities and urban centers, and even some suburban and rural areas, have made decisions on what they believe is right and in the best interest in keeping their citizens safe. We cannot take that power away from them. Localities must have the ability to take these issues on themselves."

Act 192 gave membership organizations the ability to challenge municipal gun ordinances on behalf of members. Several suits have already been brought against municipalities around the state.