Krueger-Braneky, Moms Demand Action, Domestic Abuse Project advocate for H.B. 2060

MEDIA, Sept. 4
– State Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky today in the County Government Center joined Moms Demand Action, Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County and other elected officials to call for the passage of H.B. 2060, legislation to tighten the time frame and manner in which court-ordered defendants in domestic violence cases have to surrender their firearms.

Under the legislation, those convicted of a domestic violence crime would have 48 hours to give up their firearms to a law enforcement agency, a federally licensed firearms dealer or their lawyer. Under current law, people convicted of domestic violence have 60 days and can give their guns to a relative, friend or neighbor.

“Statistics show that a woman is five times more likely to be shot and killed by a domestic abuser when guns are present, so the stakes are high to get this bill signed into law,” said Krueger-Braneky, D-Delaware. “The Senate unanimously passed legislation nearly identical to House Bill 2060, so I don’t see any reason this should not be the first bill on the agenda when we return to session later this month.

“This legislation can turn victims into survivors by giving them the confidence to file a PFA, because they can know that the guns in the household will be more safely addressed.

“One more life lost due to inaction is one too many. The speaker of the House and the House majority leader need to schedule a floor vote this month.”