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Krajewski introduces legislation to help struggling families stay in their homes

(Feb 22, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 22 – Holding fast to his belief that housing is a human right, state Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., has introduced legislation to help struggling families stay in their homes. “Shelter is a necessity,” Krajewski said. “A person’s ability to keep a roof over their head, over their children’s heads, is tied directly to their ability to stay safe, to stay healthy. People who are struggling to make ends meet should not have to forfeit their home and with it their health and safety. And that’s why I’m introducing this legislation, so that homeowners have another option to stay in their homes, even in financially trying times.” The legislation, which Krajewski introduced with state Reps. Jared Solomon and Morgan Cephas, both D-Phila., would allow a mortgage modification to be finalized in advance of the payment of municipal liens assessed on a property. Current state law requires lien satisfaction before a mortgage modification can be finalized. Krajewski said the legislation would make it easier for financially struggling homeowners to modify their mortgage to help them get back on their feet. “In addition to it being the right thing to do,” Krajewski noted, “helping struggling families to stay in their homes helps the community as a whole. It keeps people who have a vested interest in their community’s well-being in the community.” Krajewski said the Pennsylvania Read more

McClinton names housing advocate to PHFA board

(Feb 19, 2021)

“Helping people to buy homes and remain in homes is crucial to building stronger communities at any time, and even more during this pandemic,” McClinton said. “It’s the central mission of PHFA and I cannot think of a better person to move this work forward than Markita Morris-Louis.” Read more

Protecting the Delaware River Basin focus of House Democratic Policy Committee hearing Monday

(Feb 19, 2021)

HA RRISBURG, Feb. 19 -- At the request of state Rep. Mary Isaacson, the PA House Democratic Policy Committee will host a virtual hearing to discuss the Delaware River Basin and the value it brings beyond the region. The hearing will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22 and can be viewed at www.pahouse.com/policy or the committee’s Facebook page -- @PADemPolicy. The public and media are encouraged to tune in and can submit questions to policy@pahouse.net . Chairman Ryan Bizzarro, Isaacson and members of the Democratic Policy Committee will discuss the health of the Delaware River Basin, the resources and economic activity it generates, and state and federal efforts to improve water quality. Isaacson serves the 175th Legislative District representing the River Wards along the Delaware River from Old Richmond to Queen Village and has taken an active role in preserving and enhancing the economic and environmental vitality of the Delaware River Basin. Read more

Reps. Kenyatta and Burgos to host free COVID-19 testing in North Philadelphia

(Feb 17, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 17 – State Reps. Malcolm Kenyatta and Danilo Burgos, both D-Phila, are teaming up to provide free COVID-19 testing in North Philadelphia, with the goal of offsetting the disparities in testing among Black and Latino communities in Philadelphia. The free testing will be provided in partnership with Latino Connection and funded by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, and will take place on Feb. 20 and March 6, both on a Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Norris Square Park, 2100 N. Howard St., 19122 . Spanish-speaking staff and volunteers will also be on-site. Kenyatta and Burgos pointed to a report that found that race and ethnicity data for COVID-19 cases are widely unaccounted for in Pennsylvania, especially in Philadelphia. The lag, they said, undercuts the severity of survivability outcomes of both groups. For Latinos, specifically, despite only making up 6% of the population in Pennsylvania, they disproportionately make up 11% of COVID-19 deaths when applying weighted population distributions, according to a study found on the Centers for Disease Control’s website. The lawmakers also said Blacks and Latinos not only remain severely underrepresented in data for cases — collected through testing — but also in the vaccine rollout. Kenyatta, who has put dismantling poverty and systemic racism at the forefront of his legislative agenda, said the pandemic has exacerbated Read more

Cephas participates in joint policy hearing on maternal mortality

(Feb 11, 2021)

At the request of PA Women’s Health Caucus chairs Sen. Judy Schwank (D- Berks), Sen. Amanda Cappelletti (D- Delaware/Montgomery), Rep. Mary Jo Daley (D- Montgomery), and Rep. Morgan Cephas (D- Philadelphia), the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Policy Committee joined the House Democratic Policy Committee held a virtual public hearing to discuss maternal health amidst COVID-19. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been deeply concerned about both the physical and mental health of mothers and families experiencing childbirth and caring for babies in the shadow of COVID-19,” Schwank said. “We must ensure that mothers and babies are receiving the best care possible and are receiving the support and services they need to maintain a healthy life during and after this pandemic.” Cappelletti continued, “Women, particularly women of color, have been the most detrimentally impacted by this pandemic. Not only must they navigate health and safety for themselves, but they are often tasked as the primary caregivers and providers for their children and family. As we discuss all aspects of healthcare and the impact COVID-19 has had on women, we must ensure that women’s health and the health of their children are not left out of this conversation.” Dr. Richard Beigi, an OB-GYN practitioner and president of UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital, spoke about the many concerns that pregnant women have had about getting the COVID-19 Read more

Let’s work for – not against – women’s health in 2021-22

(Feb 11, 2021)

In the Women’s Health Caucus, we listen to women. We know that whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or other; whether wealthy, poor or middle class; whether residing in the city, the suburbs or rural Pennsylvania; whether young or old; there are real issues affecting women’s free choice, financial well-being and life itself. Read more

Rabb joins Fund Our Facilities Coalition in calling for remedy to building concerns as schools reopen

(Feb 08, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 8 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., has joined his voice with the chorus of lawmakers, unions and advocacy groups calling for Philadelphia School Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. and Mayor Jim Kenney to devote themselves to remedying building concerns as soon as possible. “I support the reopening of our schools as soon as the School District of Philadelphia plan conforms with science, is based in reality and is informed by the substantive input of all stakeholders,” Rabb said. A letter from Fund Our Facilities Coalition, signed by 31 lawmakers and community leaders, cited the longstanding hazardous conditions in School District of Philadelphia buildings, which have caused devastating health issues, including cancer, asthma and other breathing issues before COVID-19 became an issue. “Philadelphia families deserve to have complete confidence that their lives will not be put at risk when they enter a Philadelphia public school building: that remains true as relates to lead and asbestos, and now in the face of a devastating pandemic, it is doubly true as relates to the deadly COVID-19,” the letter says. “… We call for the District and the city to devote themselves to transparency about decision making and to completely remedying building concerns before proceeding to reopen schools.” Rabb, a longtime advocate for fair funding for public schools so that every child in every school district Read more

Rabb ranked top Pa. legislator by ACLU-PA for civil rights and civil liberties-related voting record

(Feb 05, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 5 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., said he has been ranked No. 1 among lawmakers for his legislative voting record on issues related to civil rights and civil liberties in the ACLU-PA’s recently released Legislative Scorecard. “Standing up for the human rights, civil rights and civil liberties is one of my priorities in life – in my role as son, father and neighbor, as well as in my role as state representative, elected to serve the best interests of the people in my community who rely on me to be their voice in Harrisburg,” Rabb said. “Being named by the ACLU-PA as the top lawmaker in the state for my record on how I voted on these critical issues is a tremendous honor, one I share with the people of my district who have entrusted me with the responsibilities of serving them.” Elizabeth Randol, legislative director of ACLU of Pennsylvania, commended Rabb’s leadership and encouraged other lawmakers to consider their responsibility when it comes to standing up for people’s rights. “State legislators play a critical role in protecting the rights of all Pennsylvanians,” Randol said. “With the highest score in the General Assembly last session on the ACLU-PA Legislative Scorecard , Representative Rabb has shown true leadership in protecting and advancing civil liberties in the commonwealth. As we start a new legislative session, we hope more legislators will work alongside us, Read more

Krajewski appointed to Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing

(Feb 04, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 4 – State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., has been appointed to the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing, a role he hopes will allow him to promote equity and fairness in Pennsylvania’s justice system. “Shaping our justice system into one that is truly just – where antiquated, unfair and often inhumane practices are put into the rearview – is one of my core missions as a member of my community, as someone who has worked as a community organizer and now, in my role as a state representative,” Krajewski said. “I am honored to be chosen for this appointment, and I am focused and determined to use this opportunity to make progress in transforming the justice system from one that is carceral to one that promotes compassion and healing.” Krajewski , elected in 2020 to represent the 188 th Legislative District in Philadelphia, was recommended for the appointment to the commission by House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton, who held the post before she became House Democratic leader. "The fact that Representative Krajewski shares my commitment and passion to enact substantial criminal justice reform makes him a natural fit to take my seat on the PA Commission on Sentencing," said McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware. "There's no doubt in my mind that he will continue moving our fight forward to establish a just and equitable justice system that works for everyone." Created in 1978 by the Read more

Cephas calls governor's budget proposal a major step toward creating a more equitable Pennsylvania for working families

(Feb 03, 2021)

State Rep. Morgan Cephas is applauding Gov. Tom Wolf's budget proposal for Pennsylvania, calling it a major step toward building a more equitable society for all working families especially communities of color amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Since the beginning of this health crisis, we've seen firsthand how this deadly virus has adversely impacted children, women, local businesses and working families across the commonwealth. The governor's budget plan would help remove many of these unnecessary barriers by implementing substantial change using an equitable lens, starting with a massive tax break for the working class. "First-and-foremost, a quality education provides a strong foundation for a child's future and should never be based on zip code but be accessible to all students. By making historic investments in our public schools and funneling all of it through the fair funding formula, we help close the digital divide and ensure children on our side of City Avenue receive the same resources as everyone else, giving them the best chance to succeed whether they're learning at home or in the classroom. "Along those same lines, the fact this proposal devotes ample funding to workforce development programs aids in our ongoing efforts to connect our young people with the skills they need to get a job and provide for themselves in a global economy. However, it must be good paying Read more