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Kenyatta defends North Philadelphia community that Temple University student’s video called ‘ghetto’

(11 hours ago)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., today forcefully denounced a video of a Temple University student who expressed disparaging comments against the surrounding North Philly community, according to recent news reports. “I am a proud product of this North Philly community and I remain proud to be Temple Made, and because I come from both of those worlds, I know firsthand that those comments in that video couldn’t be farther from the truth and are deeply disrespectful,” Kenyatta said, who represents the 181 st legislative district where Temple University’s main campus is located. “This vibrant community is comprised of some of our city’s most hardworking people who preserve and thrive despite the many obstacles they face. “This community and its residents are my family and my neighbors; they nurtured me and instilled in me invaluable life skills that I have carried with me throughout my life. I am honored to continue to call this community my home and it has been an utmost privilege to pay forward everything this community has provided me by representing them in Harrisburg and ensuring their voices are uplifted as we fight together to dismantle the systemic issues that stymies this community from reaching its full potential. “With that said, I know this student’s views do not align with most Temple students and I applaud the university for swiftly condemning this Read more

Kinsey to lead Policy roundtable with Alliance of Community Service Providers Thursday in Philadelphia

(1 day ago)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 11 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, will host a joint PLBC-House Democratic Policy Committee roundtable meeting with the Alliance of Community Service Providers at 11 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 12 at Oxford Mills, 100 W. Oxford St., 19122. Kinsey requested the meeting to have an open discussion with members of the Alliance of Community Service Providers regarding housing and longstanding obstacles such as funding cuts and long waitlists that impede the region’s most vulnerable populations from accessing resources. Other topics include ensuring people employed in the industry are properly compensated. Kinsey will also be joined by members of the PLBC, House Democratic Policy Committee, Philadelphia Delegation, Southeastern Delegation, House Democratic Human Services Committee and the House Democratic Health Committee. The media is invited to attend. Read more

Kenyatta condemns latest proposed cuts to SNAP benefits, calls on state lawmakers to support resolution

(Dec 05, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 5 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., said he condemns the Trump administration’s work requirements for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program that stands to eliminate benefits for 688,000 adults. “The Trump administration is conjuring the old, classist tactic that shames people who have fallen on hard times,” Kenyatta said. “This notion that people relying on SNAP are casually siphoning these benefits is absurd. “The nearly 700,000 people who will be impacted most are already employed, but work minimum wage jobs where securing steady shiftscan be difficult. For those who are unemployed, many reside in areas with high rates of unemployment due to the dearth of jobs. We also can’t ignore the economic impact these rollbacks will cause to our agriculture industry because of the removal of cash flow provided by SNAP benefits.” Kenyatta called on his lawmaker colleagues to join him supporting a House resolution he co-introduced with state Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., that would condemn similar proposals by the Trump administration to cut SNAP benefits back in August. “The Trump administration is once again punching down and should instead be focusing on ensuring employers are providing jobs that pay fair wages, not relegating the working class into the working poor,” he said. “We as lawmakers must do all we can to protect our most vulnerable Pennsylvania Read more

Kinsey announces $5K state grant for Philadelphia’s only surviving Underground Railroad stop

(Dec 05, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 5 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., today announced a $5,000 state grant has been awarded to the Johnson House Historic Site that will go towards the continued preservation of historical records. “The Johnson House Historic Site is the oldest home in Germantown and also the only Underground Railroad stop still standing in Philadelphia,” said Kinsey, chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus. “This home has served as a think-tank for agents of social justice and those seeking freedom. This grant will enable JHHS to showcase and preserve the contributions of these revolutionaries for generations to come.” The Johnson House Historic Site will use the grant to organize and preserve its archives and special collections- comprised of historic materials that have been collected over the course of decades- and make them available for research and educational purposes. The grant is funded by the Historical and Archival Records Care Grant Awards, administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. They are intended to improve the preservation and accessibility of historically significant records maintained by local governments, historical societies and academic institutions. Projects include initiatives such as digitization; arranging, describing and rehousing collections into appropriate formats, containers, and environments; and disaster planning. The grants are administered on a Read more

Solomon presents $10K to Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association

(Dec 03, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 3 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., presented a $10,000 state grant last week to the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association that will allow the Family Resource Center and Success Lab at Carnell Elementary School to provide support for children who have behavior challenges and who have experienced trauma. “Children who have behavioral challenges or experienced trauma should not have to endure disciplinary actions bearing consequences that greatly impede their chances at future success,” Solomon said. “This grant will help equip educators and staff at Carnell with the necessary behavioral health resources and guidance to ensure children are given the support they need to excel academically and beyond. I am thrilled to continue working closely with OCCCDA and Carnell in becoming a model for all schools to follow when it comes to connecting with our most vulnerable students.” Solomon was joined by state Sen. Christine Tartaglione; School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite Jr.; Hilderbrand Pelzer III, principal at Carnell; Pearl Wang-Herrera, OCCCDA executive director; Jen Leaman, parent and coordinator of the resources center at Carnell Elementary; and behavioral health advocates. Leaman expressed her gratitude for the show of support from the school community, the community at large and government, particularly crediting Solomon for being the force behind securing the grant Read more

Over 1,000 people served at pre-Thanksgiving event

(Nov 27, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 27 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., said more than 1,000 constituents were served during a pre-Thanksgiving event that provided a free meal and opportunities to learn about state services. The event was co-hosted by Reps. Isabella Fitzgerald, Chris Rabb, Rosita C. Youngblood, and Sens. Sharif Street and Art Haywood. There was also an appearance by Congressman Dwight Evans. “We had a wonderful turnout for the Feeding 1,000 for Thanksgiving event. It was a great opportunity to connect with our constituents here in northwest Philadelphia and provide them with a full course meal along with dessert,” Kinsey said. “Not only did we welcome people to Treasures Banquet Hall for a sit-down meal and entertainment, but we also delivered meals to those who were unable to attend in person as well as provided meals to homeless people in Center City. “This is the eighth year that this event was held and judging by the feedback, I will continue to host events such as Feeding 1,000, which the community loves. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who attended, hosted and helped make this event possible.” Read more

Fitzgerald introduces legislation to protect gun owners, promote public safety

(Nov 25, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 25 – State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., announced she has introduced a series of bills designated to protect law-abiding gun owners, children and residents in the commonwealth. “It’s unfortunate that anyone could potentially become a victim to gun violence here in Pennsylvania. Whether accidental or intentional, one life lost is one too many. We must put commonsense legislation in place to prevent senseless killings from occurring in the future,” Fitzgerald said. “My three bills would preserve the rights of Pennsylvanians who are carrying guns legally, safeguard our children from being killed accidentally and enforce a ‘cooling-off’ period for a person who may have experienced an unpleasant incident in their life and who looks to potentially commit an act of violence.” The bills introduced by Fitzgerald are: H.B. 2076 – Would require driver’s licenses and photo identification cards to indicate a person possesses a concealed carry permit. H.B. 2077 – Would require all firearms be safely stored whenever they are not in use. H.B. 2078 – Would establish a 72-hour waiting period for purchases of semi-automatic assault rifles. Fitzgerald is a member of the PA SAFE Caucus , which is made up of 70 members of the PA House and Senate who believe in reducing all types of violence in society through Read more

Driscoll co-introduces bipartisan auto-IRA program bill

(Nov 22, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 22 – State Reps. Michael Driscoll, D-Phila., and Michael Peifer, R-Pike/Wayne, introduced bipartisan legislation that would make Pennsylvania the latest state to enact an auto-IRA program. The legislation would establish the Keystone Saves Program, a voluntary program that aims to expand access to private retirement savings plans to more than 2 million Pennsylvanians who currently do not have a workplace retirement plan. “We must do more to ensure retiring Pennsylvanians aren’t plagued with financial burdens as a result of rising costs and unforeseen expenses during what is supposed to be their golden years,” Driscoll said. “I am proud that this legislation transcends partisanship and allows lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to focus our attention on doing what’s right for residents of the commonwealth.” Driscoll said the program would allow enrolled employees to have a portion of their income automatically deposited into an account overseen by the state Treasury. There, the state treasurer will manage the accounts like the previously enacted 529 College and Career Savings Act, while also consulting with private financial planners to ensure the maximum return and minimal risk for enrollees. Additionally, Driscoll added, employees will be the sole proprietor of all funds they deposit into these accounts, meaning the money cannot be used or become property of the state. As it stands, economic Read more

McClinton applauds passage of legislation outlawing sexual extortion

(Nov 21, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 21 – State Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, today applauded the passage of bipartisan legislation she co-sponsored, which would outlaw sexual extortion in Pennsylvania and empower law enforcement and victim services organizations to help victims of this serious sex crime who previously fell between the cracks. “Finally, victims of this horrific crime will have an avenue to seek justice and perpetrators of sexual extortion – which the Department of Justice has said is the most significantly growing threat to children – can be held accountable,” McClinton said. “I am elated to see this legislation receive bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, and I look forward to seeing Governor Wolf sign it into law.” McClinton introduced H.B. 1402 with Rep. Tedd C. Nesbit, R-Mercer/Butler. The House passed it unanimously in June. The Senate unanimously passed the bill on Wednesday after making small improvements to the legislation. Today, the House unanimously passed the bill on concurrence, and it’s headed to Wolf’s desk for his signature. McClinton said previously that by specifically adding sexual extortion as a crime, we can protect individuals from people in power who demand sexual acts, images or videos from victims, usually for something of value to the victim. “Now, would-be perpetrators will not be able to lord intimate photos or other Read more

Bullock commemorates Youth Experiencing Homelessness Week, Red Shirt Day

(Nov 21, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 20 – Today, state Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., hosted a news conference alongside state Sen. Larry Farnese to recognize Educating Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Week in Pennsylvania, as well as Red Shirt Day, which raises awareness about homelessness across the state. “Homelessness has a profound impact on children’s success in school and later in life,” Bullock said. “It’s incredibly important to raise awareness of this issue so that teachers, administrators and other educators can offer support when it’s needed most.” “The number of youths experiencing homelessness increased by 22% this year. While we don’t know what factors are driving this, we know that these students need to be supported, that they have a right to an education and as much stability as we can possibly provide,” Farnese added. “That’s why we are here today and why Red Shirt Day is so important -- to assure these kids that they are not alone.” During the 2017-18 school year, more than 36,000 students were identified as experiencing homelessness or having inadequate housing. Bullock and Farnese were joined by advocates against homelessness, including Nikki Johnson-Huston; Thomas Jackson, a policy and research analyst with People Emergency Center; Ameera Sullivan, guidance counselor at Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia; and Sonia Pitzi, Region 3 coordinator Read more