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As a delegation, we are pleased to offer you this website, reflecting our delegation members’ interests, and various efforts in Harrisburg and in the communities throughout Philadelphia.

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State Rep. Jared Solomon introduces bill to address staff shortages in Philadelphia Police Department

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Isaacson announces legislation on menstrual education in schools

(6 hours ago)

According to reports, 79% of teenage students feel they need more education on menstruation. Many young students report that their first period was “embarrassing, traumatic, scary and confusing” and that they felt dirty during their period. Read more

Dawkins discusses GOP hypocrisy in Krasner impeachment probe

(Sep 26, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 26 – Chairman Jason Dawkins of the Philadelphia Delegation of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives issued the following statement after meeting with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner today in Center City. “Today’s meeting was about something the Republican Majority that has controlled state government for decades never did – get the facts and have an honest conversation,” Dawkins said. “Instead, the GOP has gone back to the same tired playbook - stirring fear in their base about the state’s largest city and biggest economic driver – combined with their newest obsession of overturning a free and fair election when the results don’t go their way. “If the Republican majority is so concerned with crime in Philadelphia, then why do they oppose funding for our children and why do they deny the city’s elected officials the right to write their own gun safety laws like banning assault weapons? “We’ll welcome them when they are ready to work toward real solutions that don’t involve using the victims of gun violence as political pawns.” According to Dawkins, the hyper partisan, so-called House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order that is “investigating” Krasner is scheduled to meet in Philadelphia later this week. Read more

Guzman and Burgos join efforts to aid people affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

(Sep 19, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 19 – State Reps. Manuel Guzman, D-Berks, and Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., today announced they are joining forces to help people affected by severe flooding and damages caused by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The lawmakers, who lead the Pennsylvania Latino Caucus, thanked Governor Tom Wolf for deploying two members of PA Task Force 1 to Puerto Rico to support Hurricane Fiona response. They also urge Wolf to use the full force of his power to help the islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “The flooding has already impacted the water system and many families are now homeless. Puerto Rico is still suffering from the lingering effects of Hurricane Maria and currently experiencing an island-wide black out,” Guzman said. Guzman and Burgos call on Gov. Wolf to use PEMA to immediately offer humanitarian assistance to these islands. Pennsylvania has the fourth largest population of Puerto Ricans outside the island. “A lot of people are suffering the effects of Hurricane Fiona. As a legislator I feel compelled to work diligently to provide resources and the necessary help to people impacted by this natural catastrophe. To help them is also to help the people that I represent in my district because they are concerned about the well-being of their relatives back home in the islands,” Guzman said. Burgos emphasized that it is crucial to receive the support of PEMA because it would Read more

Cephas and Davis move Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act to the Senate

(Sep 19, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 19 – State Reps. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., and Tina Davis, D-Bucks, applauded today’s House passage of their bill that would regulate how pregnant people are treated in Pennsylvania’s jails and prisons. The bill is now on its way to the Senate. The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, which passed unanimously, would improve visitation rights for incarcerated parents, ban shackling pregnant people and enhance restraint documentation, along with other provisions. “For years, my peers and I have been fighting to get prenatal, pregnancy and post-natal support to those incarcerated in the Commonwealth. The House passage of this act lifts my soul because it is an act of compassion,” Cephas said. “This legislation (H.B. 1419 ) would improve the quality of life for some of our most vulnerable constituents and their families. No one should be deprived of respect or be forced to risk their health or their health of their child -- and certainly not on our watch.” The lawmaker highlighted that the bill also would provide for free period and incontinence products for incarcerated individuals and would allow three days of post-delivery bonding time between mother and newborn child. “Policies need to be set on how pregnant women are treated in prison,” Davis said. “For far too long, incarcerated pregnant women have been subject to shackling, solitary confinement, full body searches by male guards and been Read more

Democratic lawmakers introduce bill to stop wage theft in PA

(Sep 13, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 13 – State Reps. John Galloway, D-Bucks, Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, and Pat Harkins, D-Erie, today announced their introduction of H.B. 2810 to stop wage theft in Pennsylvania. The bill is based on recommendations from a 2022 report from the Joint Task Force on Misclassification of Employees, which was created under a bill authored in 2020. Misclassification of employees occurs when a business wrongfully classifies a worker as an independent contractor even though the nature, type and oversight of their work determines they should be considered an employee under the law. The report found that by misclassifying employees as “contractors” the workers are deprived of wages, workplace health and safety, and unemployment protections. It amounts to tax fraud and costs the commonwealth millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Misclassification can impact industries from home health care to construction to online businesses, like Uber and Lyft drivers. “For years, I’ve been fighting to end corporate price gouging on workers in the commonwealth,” Galloway said. “Too many companies are cooking the books and using dirty tricks to take money out of the hands of workers and put it into stock buybacks, shareholder dividends, and corporate executive perks instead of putting the money back into the communities. When HB 2810 is passed, Pennsylvania’s workers will have the Read more

Kenyatta promotes Philadelphia Health Department Monkeypox Vaccine Interest Form

(Sep 09, 2022)

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., today announced his support and gratitude for the Philadelphia Department of Health’s new Monkeypox Vaccine Interest Form. Read more

Solomon celebrates construction of new park at vacant lot

(Aug 25, 2022)

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., today cut the ribbon for the celebration of the new WeLoveU Park on the corner of Loretto and Cranford Avenues in Northeast Philadelphia.   Read more

Cephas to introduce a bill that would protect homeowners and address racial bias in real estate appraisals

(Aug 23, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Aug. 23 – In an effort to help Pennsylvania homeowners to get a fair appraisal of their properties, state Rep. Morgan Cephas said she plans to introduce legislation that would address discrimination in housing and ensure equity in the real estate appraisal process. “Current laws do not prevent home appraisers from discriminating against people of color, or other marginalized communities for that matter. With little regulation or oversight, appraisals can make or break the value of a home,” Cephas said. “My legislation would require real estate appraisers to complete training regarding bias and discrimination prior to receiving their certification or license or prior to renewing their certification or license.” Cephas’ legislation would also forbid a licensed or certified real estate appraiser from incorporating bias or discrimination into their appraisal of real estate. “It is important that we put training in place that make appraisers aware of the presence of bias or discrimination in housing and ensure that they are conducting themselves with equity and fairness,” Cephas said. “Every family deserves a fair shot at their dream home.” Bound by the federal Fair Housing Act, home appraisers are prohibited from discriminating against homeowners based on their race, religion, national origin, or gender. In addition, Title XI of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 Read more

Cephas condemns shooting outside of Shepard Recreation Center, stands with local leaders to encourage community cooperation

(Aug 19, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 19 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas today released the following statement in the wake of the recent shooting near a playground in West Philadelphia where five individuals were wounded. “This is a horrifying incident. Nearly 100 shots were fired. It is heart wrenching to know that at the time of this shooting, there were children and families gathered at the center. No child should have to be a witness to such a horrific incident and families should be able to enjoy activities in their communities in peace,” Cephas said. Cephas stood last Wednesday with Philadelphia leaders including District Attorney Larry Krasner, Mayor Jim Kenney, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, City Councilmember Curtis Jones Jr., other area elected, community members and more to host a press conference at Shepard Recreation Center in response to the shooting that took place Tuesday night. “We can’t live in fear, and we can’t continue to allow our children to live in a culture of violence. I will keep fighting to make sure that we do all we can to put a halt on this gun violence epidemic including allocating resources to communities who need it most,” she added. The shooting took place only one day after Cephas co-hosted a public policy hearing on safe and healthy spaces at the Kingsessing Recreation Center, just a few miles away from Shepard. Monday’s discussion included talk about Read more

Cephas applauds $500,000 funding provided by City of Philadelphia to the Abortion Liberation Fund of Pennsylvania

(Aug 08, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 8 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas today commended the announcement made by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney of a 500,000 investment by the city to the Abortion Liberation Fund of Pennsylvania. Cephas, who is co-chair of the legislative Women’s Health Caucus, indicated that she is appreciative of the city’s effort because the funds heading to ALF-PA will help to remove barriers for people in need of abortion that cannot afford insurance or pay out-of-pocket for services. “These funds will expand the current capacity of the Abortion Liberation Fund of PA to address critical needs. As co-chair of the Women’s Health Caucus, this is a proud moment. It’s uplifting to know that our voices are being heard and that this issue is being prioritized in Philadelphia”, Cephas said. Cephas also reaffirmed her commitment to strengthen reproductive health care and maintain access to abortion and other reproductive services in the state of Pennsylvania. “Philly has taken a step forward, but much more is needed; we have to keep in mind not only residents of the commonwealth, but also people traveling from other states to Pennsylvania in search of care. I will continue championing for safety and sustained access to the procedure. I hope this investment could also serve as a call to action Read more