Rabb lauds Gov. Wolf’s solar energy announcement, calls for support for 100% renewable energy

HARRISBURG, March 22 – State Rep. Chris Rabb on Monday lauded Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement of a major clean energy initiative that will produce nearly 50% of state government’s electricity through seven new solar energy arrays – the largest solar commitment by any government in the U.S. announced to date – and called for support to get Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050. 

“I was thrilled to hear the news of this historic initiative by Governor Wolf to invest in renewable energy,” said Rabb, D-Phila. “Science has made it clear that climate change is real, it’s happening and the consequences to Earth and its inhabitants – our children, grandchildren and future generations – will be severe if we don’t take immediate measures to change course. 

“This action from Governor Wolf deserves applause, but the climate crisis that’s underway requires more from us,” Rabb continued. “Which is why I’ve previously introduced bipartisan legislation to transition Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and why I’m still asking for support for that goal.”  

Rabb said a transition to 100% renewable energy is what’s best for the environment and it would be a boon to the economy, creating family-sustaining, green-collar jobs by harnessing a newly skilled workforce and giving Pennsylvania’s academic institutions and other stakeholders the opportunity to advance new fields of technology to produce commercial and civic innovations.