Phila House Delegation Chair responds to Republican attack on democracy, attempts at voter suppression

HARRISBURG, April 15 – State Rep. and Philadelphia Delegation Chairman Jason Dawkins today made the following statement on behalf of the delegation at the conclusion of the 14th Republican-led State Government Committee hearing on voting in Pennsylvania.

“We have watched the Republican leadership in the state House run 14 State Government Committee hearings on voting. The impetus of these hearings was clear at the outset and crystal clear at the end. The Republican majority in Harrisburg intends to push legislation that will suppress voters’ rights by making it harder to vote and intends to continue to force the big lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent while it was not.

“The Republican members on the committee showed nothing but contempt for Philadelphia’s hardworking election workers and contempt for Philadelphia’s voters by continuously repeating false and unsubstantiated claims made by the Trump campaign and carried out across the country by those who do his bidding. 

“Philadelphia’s management of the 2020 election was validated by the courts, and the 2020 election was confirmed by multiple nonpartisan examinations as free, fair and accurate.

“Philadelphians deserve to have their voices heard through their vote, and we, the members of the House Philadelphia delegation, will vehemently oppose any legislation perpetuating this direct hit on our democracy and the fair and valid election we all just participated in last November. We will be prepared to contest their legislation at every turn.”