Kenyatta leads rally for Temple University Graduate Students Association

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 15 -- State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., on Tuesday lead a rally under the Bell Tower on Temple University’s campus in support of the Temple University Graduate Students’ Association and the university’s hardworking graduate students.

TUGSA members are currently on strike to receive a living wage, and the rally was to support their fight in the face of Temple's "union-busting” tactics, which include revoking student aid for the striking members.

Kenyatta was joined by Philadelphia House Delegation Vice-Chair Rep. Danilo Burgos and other members of the PA House Democratic Caucus, as well as the American Federation of Teachers of PA, United Food & Commercial Workers, Coalition of Labor Union Women, and Service Employees International Union.

Kenyatta is a Temple alum and has consistently worked as a state representative to provide fair and living wages to working people. He said the unfair wages and union busting happening to TUGSA hits close to home for him.

“I love Temple University, the folks gathered here today love Temple University. What we don’t love is union busting, and working people not being able to pay their bills,” Kenyatta said. “This is a shameful day for Temple University. Temple can do better and must do better by providing TUGSA workers dignified and worthy wages.”

Video from the rally can be found on Kenyatta’s YouTube page: (8) Kenyatta Fights for Better Pay - YouTube.