Philadelphia House Delegation expresses support for Brewerytown community shattered by grief

Calls Out State Senate for Inaction

PHILADELPHIA, July 28 – Today, the Philadelphia House Delegation expressed solemn grief at the loss of a two-year old girl to gun violence in the Brewerytown section of North Philadelphia. This is the second accidental shooting of a child in that community in recent months.

State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., who represents the Brewerytown community reflected on the tragedy and conveyed support for the family in their time of pain.

“We should not be losing our children to unfortunate accidents like this,” Bullock said. “These terrible tragedies underscore the need to safely store and lock your firearms. A loss like this weighs heavily on the soul of our community. My heart is with the family and those who stopped to help during this very difficult time.”

Chairwoman of the delegation, Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila, voiced her support for the community, but called out the General Assembly for inaction on commonsense gun reform bills.

“One more young life lost is one too many. Our city grieves for the community in Brewerytown over this needless loss of a baby girl,” Cephas said. “There are ways out of this darkness that has enveloped our city, but it takes leadership by my colleagues to make the decisions that should not be so difficult.”

Cephas added the state Senate has refused to act on two bills that were approved by the House, but the reforms that are most needed have yet to see a vote in the House.

“The House must vote on safe storage requirements, banning ghost guns and a revised lost and stolen reporting bill,” Cephas said. “We also call on the Senate to approve the commonsense reforms approved by the House awaiting action in their chamber. There are even more measures ready to be discussed in our House chamber – measures that would have a direct impact on saving the lives of Philadelphians and the public safety of all Pennsylvanians. I hope that in our upcoming fall session these bills will get their due attention.”

Prosecutors have alleged that the child was shot with an unsecured gun in the home on 29th Street. More than 100 children have been shot in Philadelphia in 2023 – 18 of them fatally.

The state House of Representatives is scheduled to return to session on Sept. 26. The state Senate on Sept. 18.