Kinsey nominated to West Chester University Council of Trustees

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., was recently nominated by Gov. Tom Wolf, and confirmed by the state Senate, to serve on the West Chester University Council of Trustees.

"This appointment is a tremendous honor and privilege," Kinsey said. "I was in those shoes that tens of thousands of students are walking in today and I understand the importance of receiving a quality education. I look forward to the opportunity to help West Chester continue to move forward and help create even greater opportunities for future generations."

Kinsey is a graduate of West Chester University with a degree in elementary education.

"I can attest to the value of this great institution," Kinsey said. "Serving on the council is an opportunity to look forward to advancing the university, as well as give back to my alma mater."

Kinsey will serve as a member of the Advancement Subcommittee, which will review and recommend to the council actions of the president regarding private sector support and the public image of the university, and serve as the liaison for the Pennsylvania Association Council of Trustees.

Each Pennsylvania-owned university has a council of trustees, consisting of 11 members who are nominated and appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate. Student members of the council are nominated by their respective campus. The trustees are tasked with making recommendations to the chancellor for the appointment and dismissal of the president and to approve the university budget, new academic programs, contracts and fees other than tuition.