Cephas applauds positives in governor's budget address

HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., released the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf's 2017-18 budget address:

“As a freshman legislator, I am beyond ecstatic that I was able to attend my first budget address for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to hear some of the priorities for Philadelphia and particularly the 192nd Legislative District discussed in the governor’s budget address.

“With my experience in government, I realized early on that you can always tell a society's priorities by looking at their budget and their investments.

“As Governor Wolf mentioned in his budget address, there is no greater priority than educating our young people, protecting our seniors and putting people to work. The governor is looking to work together with the General Assembly to build the foundation started last year by providing more funding for education – from pre-K to college – in this year’s budget.

“One of my main priorities for my district is helping our seniors. I applaud the governor for making these citizens a top priority in his budget by working to assure they continue to get the highest quality of care and services in our commonwealth.

“Pennsylvania must also move ahead with job creation. Governor Wolf indicated there are 82,000 more people working than there were two years ago. That number must remain on an upward path.

“To the governor’s credit, this budget and those earlier in his term have reflected his commitment to the priorities of our young people, seniors and workers. I am concerned about how we balance these priorities without bringing in new revenue and merging agencies. I am looking forward to the dialogue we are going to be able to have over the next several weeks. While I am not a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I will make it a point to attend some of the hearings to learn about the discussions taking place as we work to move Pennsylvania forward.”