Cephas hosts public meeting on 'Stop-and-Go' issues

PHILADELPHIA, April 6 – Philadelphia state Rep. Morgan Cephas today hosted a public meeting on the issues relating to nuisance establishments that sell alcohol and how they impact surrounding communities. 

"With the loosening of laws regarding liquor sales, businesses have greater opportunities to expand commerce and product lines, however, we are experiencing some unintended consequences of changing the laws," Cephas said. "It remains critical for local and state agencies to keep a watchful eye on nuisance establishments that are taking advantage of loopholes and this hearing, and others like it, is a step in the right direction."

In addition to discussing the effect of these stop-and-go establishments on a state level, the public meeting also addressed how these stores may disrupt local communities.

Cephas is currently working on a liquor control task force by bringing together local and state agencies, business owners and area residents that are immediately impacted by the operation of nuisance establishments.

“As an organizer of this grassroots initiative and a member of the House Liquor Control Committee, I am using these opportunities to address growing concerns and attack this issue head on,” Cephas said.

Among the testifiers were Officer Frank Gramlick from the 19th Police District of the Philadelphia Police Department, personnel from Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the Philadelphia Health Department, the Philadelphia License and Inspection Department, and members of ACHIEVEability and the community.

Cephas is planning an additional meeting with other Philadelphia representatives. Today's meeting was the second of several planned by members of the Philadelphia Delegation.